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Sage 100 Contractor
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Sage 100 Contractor is the offered to users of Sage 100 Contractor. This software is created by the Sage Group to offer a construction-based solution. Fundamentally, the software is made to be used by all contractors working in the construction industry. 

Sage Contractor app provides essential details about the projects given to them and businesses. This software can seamlessly integrate with the Sage accounting software. It’s utilized by engineering contractors and subcontractors for many different trades. The solution can the Sage Solution and comes with many advanced modules and enhanced features that will ensure accuracy and efficiency.

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The Various Sage 100 Contractor Modules

Job Costing –

This is a cost management function integrated with various modules to give you comprehensive information about the expenses and costs of your business. Job costing offers you real-time and accurate up-to-date information.

Accounts payable

Accounts Payable is complete-package contracting software that includes Purchase Orders, Inventory, Subcontracts, and Job Costing. The software has everything in one place, which makes things easy.

General Ledger –

This feature allows you to extract information from all the various modules of Sage 100 Contractor that contributes to your bookkeeping process. The general ledger is an important aspect of the MB6 accounting software.

Cost to Complete –

This feature gives you a detailed report consisting of real-time and accurate information. The reports also include the analysis of last-minute estimated hours, other units, costs, and many others. All these are needed to provide a comprehensive project report. 

Accounts Receivable –

With this feature, it’s easier to make payments to your clients. Accounts Receivable feature helps to make and accept payments. It offers services through sales contact, document management, and marketing tool. 

Why Us the Sage 100 Contractor?

Using this software can bring you a lot of benefits. Some of them are highlighted below:

Help in analyzing your business –

This software was designed solely for the construction industry. For that, it helps the contractors by offering them costs, estimates, changes orders, projects, and bookkeeping.

Improved Precision to Make a More Informed Decision –

Sage 100 Contractor is designed based on the customized interface with an integrated ability to generate customized reports. The reports then offer better insights into your business.

Tasks in Progress –

Sage 100 Contractor functions help in estimating, scheduling, and management together with the management of the document and contract control. Generally, Sage 100 Contract is amazing software that all contractors in the construction industry can take advantage of taking their businesses to another level. 

Seamless Integration –

Sage 100 Contractor software can easily integrate with your business without any issues. The software can bring together your entire business process and allow you to take full control of your finances. It also helps to keep track of your daily activities. Additionally, it helps you to prepare job costing and estimate schedules.

How to do it Remotely for Sage 100 Contractor

Sage 100 Contractor software tool is an effective program designed for the management of construction projects and data. The performance of the software, however, depends on the mode of its installation. 

It’s possible to install Sage 100 Contractor on your local device with limited storage and facilities. Alternatively, you can host this software on the cloud system to enjoy more flexibility and a secure environment, which has unlimited storage.

How Hosting Sage 100 Contractor is Important

  • Secure environment – Cloud hosting provider focuses more on the aspect of data security. They are aware of its importance. For that reason, they employ high-quality standards, high-end equipment, and sophisticated security safeguards to ensure your data are secure. Some of the security methods they utilize include intrusion prevention, access control, multi-factor authentication, data encryption, and detection system, etc. 
  • Multi-device capabilities – Hosting this software on the cloud allows you to access your data from any location remotely, and anytime. With hosting, you can enjoy real-time access to all your day from any device any time you want. 
  • Highly scalability – Sage 100 Contractor hosting on cloud possesses no hassles such as space restriction and tedious tasks of manual hardware replacement. The cloud environment is very flexible and you can scale up or down depending on your needs. 
  • Multi-User Collaboration – Sage 100 contractor hosting on the cloud allows multi-users to collaborate on the same project simultaneously. That enhances convenience and saves time and resources. 
  • 24/7 Support – A dedicated customer service department is important for the smooth running of any process. It’s costly and hard to keep and maintain a dedicated IT team working round-the-clock. However, with cloud hosting, it’s easy and cost-effective for the provider to maintain around-the-clock support to the clients. Whenever there’s a problem, Sage 100 contractor hosting provider will provide a solution through its technical team right away.

How to Go Cloud

Cloud environment provides you with a higher level of security, accessibility, and scalability that local setup can’t offer. You can access the software from any device, anytime. To go to cloud hosting, seek services from a reputable company that will offer the service to you cost-effectively. 

FAQs Sage 100 Contractor
What is the cost of Sage 100 Contractor?

Note that Sage 100 Contractor pricing is subscription-based. Sage 100 Contractor costs around $115 per user monthly. The price of your Sage 100 Contractor will vary depending on the number of users you need. It will also be affected by your Sage cloud hosting costs, software features, and disk space requirements.

What is the latest version of Sage 100 Contractor?

Sage 100 Contractor 2020 (SQL) version 20 is the supported edition for year-end 2020. If you’re using third-party apps that are integrated with your Sage 100 Contractor, connect with your software dealer before you upgrade to make sure that your product is completely compatible with this release.

What is sage100 cloud?

Sage 100 is a full EPR solution for small to medium-sized businesses that accounting software such as QuickBooks is becoming too small for them. Sage 100 clouds are the latest edition of the solution that offers increased connectivity and functionality.

Does Sage 100 have an API?

Sage 100 API is a cloud-based REST API for Sale 100 EPR. It lets developers read and write data to/from Sage 100 via a structured, safe and secure channel.

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