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Improved & New Features of 2021 QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Pro Mac

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QuickBooks Desktop Pro has benefitted business owners to a great extent. Creating invoices, tracking sales and saving time on data entry are the most prominent features of Intuit QuickBooks Desktop Pro.

With QuickBooks Desktop Pro, small business owners can easily generate invoices and sales receipts. It also helps to track business reports like tax and sales. Uploading data manually can be time-consuming and hectic, the software saves time in data entry by downloading your bank transactions into QuickBooks. 

The software provides transparency, saves time and resources, and manages all the business-related operations in one place. Deleting duplicate transactions or entry errors and sending GST/HST forms electronically to the CRA has become easier and resourceful. We at Real Accounting Support, Services and Solutions help you to understand the improved and new features of QuickBooks.

Improved Features of QB Desktop Pro 2021

The QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021 comes with improved capabilities and new features. From Payroll liability reminders to capital funding, it has improved functionality with the associated amenities.

By using a calendar application, due payments reminders can be set up easily with the Intuit QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021. You can schedule statements for your customers to remind them of the invoices they have to pay for.

Additionally, it offers a simplified method to complete payroll setup accurately. This can be done by inviting employees to submit their personal information. You just have to enter the hours and the rest will be done by QuickBooks on your behalf. It tracks all types of taxes and automatically fills the required format, making it simple to remit. The user receives all the payroll updates automatically by the software.

The improved features also allow merchants to automatically match payments to their accounts. With this feature, the category of transactions that require instant attention can be prioritized by the users. Also, without incurring extra fees or merchant action, credit card payments can be deposited into the merchant’s account the next day.

New Features of QB Desktop Pro 2021

The new features include faster payments, professional presentation and better customer management.

Now, let’s talk about the new features of the update! With a new version comes a new style and design. QuickBooks has introduced a more user-friendly interface with a variety of design templates for better communication with the customer. 

The new feature also allows the owner to get faster payments as it automatically reminds the customers of having due payments. One of the new features allows you to give limited access to other users. This helps the administrator to keep a tab on the data and avoid data breaching or other problems.

The new feature involves Bank Feed modes which are different from each other. These modes help you to review your various bank transactions.

The new feature helps you to arrange your customer groups based on your requirements. By recording the details of the customer, QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021 automatically formulates groups on the basis of the type of customer. For instance, a customer group can be formed based on the locations, business consistency and more.

QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021 for Mac

QuickBooks Desktop Pro for Mac also includes all these improved and new features and is a good fit for small business owners. The Mac users can now easily track their sales and taxes by working on a simplified method. Receiving faster payments and categorised data are the other perks of the software.

Earlier, Mac users were facing a problem where they have to insert the Intuit user ID even though they are already logged in. This problem has been terminated in the QB Desktop Pro 2021 for Mac.

QuickBooks has fixed the user interface issue on file upgrades. The new feature for Mac allows new payroll customers to sign up for online services. If you need more guidance to set up and run the software swiftly in your computer system, Real Accounting can help you understand the workings of the software.

Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop to enjoy these seamless features. For more assistance on the working and processing of QuickBooks, reach us at QB Desktop Pro 2021 is an efficient and time-saving accounting software

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