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Why QuickBooks Point of Sale is a Great Sales Tool for Every Business


QuickBooks products are efficient tools that help in financial management, particularly QB Enterprise solutions which have proven to be the most reliable software for creating financial statements and consolidating data in the business. However, there are many more things you need to do to keep your business performing well besides the creation of financial statements. You also require another program that can assist you in managing sales, tracking customers, managing inventory, and other operations in the store. In this area, QuickBooks Point of Sale can be a great resource.

What is Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale?

Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale is like a robust cash register that does what a cash register does and much more. Generally, it’s a tool used in the section of a store known as the point of sale, well-known as the checkout counter. That’s where the sale transactions happen. Nowadays, it’s utilized in referring to the hardware, such as the Intuit Point of Sale. The technology of the web-based point of sales system has been in use since the early 2000s. The system utilizes the Internet in storing backup data and creating a centralized system, which makes data consolidation easier.

In any case, businesses in the hospitality, retail, restaurant industries, and others utilize point of sale (POS) programs and they can also benefit greatly from the features and functions of QuickBooks Point of Sale. So, what makes QB Point of Sale better than the other point of sale programs out there in the market?

Why QuickBooks Point of Sale is the Best Option

One, this software can be used in consolidation with the QB Enterprise Solutions software. The software is utilized to store and interpret financial data as well as create various financial statements. With their connectivity, data can be retrieved from Intuit Point of Sale and be used for statements done on QuickBooks Enterprise and vice versa. 

However, the best part of this connection is what it can actually do. In this regard, it can significantly help you to boost sales and eventually become close to your clients’ thanks to a customer tracking system. Additionally, it can integrate with MS Word to enable smooth letter writing for your customers. Generally, Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale is more than software designed for financial managers. It’s all-round software that any business owner can use. Like QuickBooks Enterprise, QuickBooks POS can help a company leader to get a clear understanding of its state in terms of sales and everyday operations. 

Intuit QuickBooks POS also helps business owners in creating a better focus for the business by significantly getting rid of the workload while still ensuring the right sales and inventory management among other benefits. The great thing about this software is that it doesn’t just suit physical stores but also online stores as well. It’s an amazing tool to help manage sales in the business and much more.  

Features of QuickBooks Point of Sale

As explained earlier, there’s so much that a business owner gets to enjoy by implement QuickBooks Point of Sale. With this software, it becomes easier for the accounting department to keep track of transactions because the software enables real-time updating of data. Inventory benefits greatly from this. That’s because, due to real-time updates, the inventory department in a business can auto adjust the entries in its database accordingly.

What’s more, there is a range of features that you can enjoy from the Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale system, including:

Multiple Shop Management from One Single Location

When you implement Intuit Point of Sale in all your branches or stores, you’ll be able to link the entire chain to one central database. That way, you’ll be managing and creating reports from each of your individual branches without the need to be there physically. It means you can stay at your office and call up statements each time you require because they are all connected through a single network. That certainly saves time if you want to prepare a thorough report to your company’s board of directors. 

Accurate and Perfect Inventory

The real-time update is one of the most important features of any accounting point of sale system. Intuit Point of Sale enables the real-time update of the inventory. Each time your business incurs a sale, the stock figure will be updated automatically and the sales records changed to indicate the current sale. That means your inventory will always be accurate and timely. For instance, if you’ve low supplies at one time, you can easily see that and able to act accordingly, that is, purchasing new supplies to keep your stocks in perfect shape.

That’s better than the traditional way of performing inventory every once in a while, which leads to stocks becoming zeroed and not replenished on time. Moreover, the Intuit QuickBooks POS is able to keep track of the status of your orders to ensure you’re aware of the package that hasn’t arrived and which one is on the way. That way, you’ll keep updated with any issues regarding the packages and you can speak to your customers accordingly.  

Link to QB Accounting Software

QuickBooks Point of Sale offers an all-round solution to any issues in the business. With its link to the QB accounting software, your business will be able to keep up with the accounting side in real-time. The corresponding accounts and figures, which are affected by your transactions are updated immediately, which means that the reports are completely accurate.

The link to the accounting point of sale also includes submissions of time cards to ensure that payroll can smoothly be calculated and accuracy treated as a priority.

Seamless Security

Any point of sale system should have outstanding security to ensure sensitive financial data isn’t at risk of getting in the hands of unauthorized individuals. The QB Point of Sale is protected by restricted access of users to what their rank is. Admin features are closed for sales people and then open just to accounting department employees to access.

With Intuit Point of Sale having excellent features, it’s very beneficial for any business or company to implement the QuickBooks Point of Sale, particularly of they have several stores or branches to manage. With this software, management, accounting and inventory is made so easy.

Approaches to Using QuickBooks Point of Sale

If you’ll be using this application for the first time, chances are high that you’ll experience challenges because it has lots of features. So, a person using the QB Point of Sale who’s not knowledgeable about the features and highlights of the software can find it hard working with it smoothly. 

Get in touch with QuickBooks POS Support, which is available to understand the issues affecting customers. When you call them, they will help you with everything you need. Via a remote device, the customer support will access your framework and guide you on a suitable way to conveniently use the highlights and functionalities of the software.

Benefits of Contacting QB POS Support

Sometimes you may experience hiccups and require QuickBooks Enterprise repair. The following are the benefits of contacting QB POS Support.

  • QB Point of Sale with Accounting POS Support Windows and Mac OS
  • Gadget transaction-related problems
  • Complaints to do with registration
  • Slow Framework Run
  • Help with Software Arrangement identification
  • Data reinforcement and restoration assistance
  • When finances don’t function properly
  • Errors resulting from fizzle argument
  • Errors due to losing data affiliation
  • Issues related to reporting printing

There are many more benefits that you enjoy when you contact Intuit POS Support anytime you experience issues with the software. For QuickBooks Error Support, you’re free to get in touch with QB POS Support and get the help you need. 

There are two products you can choose from when implements Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale. You can contact QuickBooks POS Support for any of the following QB Point of Sale products:



  • Ring sales
  • Accept unlimited payments
  • Tracking and managing inventory
  • E-commerce integration
  • Work with multiple tablets
  • Manage client data
  • Basic reporting
  • Loyalty and rewards program
  • Integrate with QB Desktop financial software
  • Produce purchase orders
  • Provide layaway & gift cards
  • Manage payroll and employees
  • Advanced reporting

POS Multi-Store


  • Ecommerce integration
  • Ring sales
  • Works with multiple tablets
  • Accept unlimited payments
  • Tracking and managing inventory
  • Managing customer data
  • Basic reporting
  • Loyalty and rewards program
  • Integrate with QB Desktop financial tool
  • Produce purchase orders
  • Advanced reporting
  • Provide gift cards and layaway
  • Manage payroll and employees
  • Sophisticated reporting by stores
  • Transferring and managing inventory between the different stores


Every company regardless of its size should choose a solution like Intuit QuickBooks POS. That’s because the program can enhance the functions and capabilities of any sales-driven business. Get in touch with Intuit POS Support or visit their website to learn more amount these products. The prices are affordable too.