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QuickBooks Help Desk: Expert Assistance for all Problems in QuickBooks 

If you’re considering looking for help desk outsourcing for your business’s needs, you should know that you’re not alone. There are also many companies today going for professional assistance for the various issues. You might wonder why this is so, taking into consideration that quality help desk support is easily accessible, yet many companies prefer to go for QuickBooks Help Desk to get the assistance they need. 

While that might not often be the case, they do try to utilize dedicated services to acquire the help desk support that they would require, and for many good reasons. So, if you get yourself familiar with these reasons, you might perhaps be on your way for a switch. 

Professional Support without Additional Investment

If your business is simply unable to acquire the kind of expert support that you would hope to get by training your staff, then it might perhaps be useful to try and switch the entire customer care base to some other company. 

Indeed, you might consider going for help desk outsourcing only because you would enjoy a high-quality accounting help desk without the need to train on your own. Therefore, that makes for a truly great deal and one which you can stand to benefit from if you would simply give it a try. 

Growing together with your Business

Another interesting benefit of choosing help desk outsourcing to Intuit Help Desk is that you’ll be in a position to get more growth for the business without worrying about whether or not you can deal with the extra customers. Therefore, that makes it very interesting to look into and essentially something that you can rely upon. Since Intuit QuickBooks Help Desk will look after all these aspects, it helps to get assured that the provider will be able to address all of the issues. 


For particular firms, the amount of funds required for training people and getting them up to speed on caring for the customers is simply much more than what it would cost to go for a help desk outsourcing. 

The amount of money that you may be investing to ensure that you get high-quality service is going to be much lower than what you might have initially anticipated. That makes it economically viable as well to opt-in for. Thus, as far as saving money is concerned, this is something that any business owners would want to go for. 

It, therefore, makes sense to choose help desk support from an outside source such as Intuit help desk to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth and can grow without limits. Your company is likely not able to grow when it fails to take care of its previous customers. 

For that reason, you must consider outsourcing the help desk from outside if you want to attain sustainable growth. By choosing to hire external services, you’re automatically taking care of this too, and ensuring that you can pool in resources to enable growth on other fronts. 

Intuit provides a wide range of support products. Choosing one of the products below will help you to customize your QuickBooks Help Desk experience with the company. Below, we have discussed a couple of these products.  

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is very useful and you can receive an excellent Intuit Help Desk. The main benefits associated with the use of QB online solutions are as follows:

Multi-user Platform

When you deploy QuickBooks on one computer, only a single user will be able to access it at a time. The advantage of a hosted solution is that your QuickBooks copy together with your license will be installed on a remote server.  

The software becomes platform-independent after it’s hosted. That allows users to access their QuickBooks accounts from anywhere all over the world. When thinking of an in-house solution, the user must manage a server to maintain multiple-user access, which is infeasible when there are just three or five users.

QuickBooks hosting lets any number of user accounts to be installed and maintained remotely. That minimizes investment while maximizing association and efficiency. 

Perfect integrated functionality

Mostly, beginners feel that hosted solutions lack some functionality. Maybe the confusion is because the users feel that the host QuickBooks solution is different from the normal desktop version. However, the users can have any version hosted in the servers of the hosting providers. The versions generally include QuickBooks Enterprise, QuickBooks Premier, and QuickBooks Pro. Therefore, the users can have all-time access to any feature that they want without having to set up any hardware at their office. Moreover, all these solutions come with a great Intuit QuickBooks Help Desk

Full Data Backup Facility

Among the major benefits of utilizing QuickBooks online solutions for small businesses is the full data backup. In case you experience any natural disaster or calamity, your data can be saved thanks to the QuickBooks Data Recovery. The majority of the service providers back up important data at the end of every day and replicate the backed up data at various locations. That ensures that if a single location experience issues, then it won’t affect the data being backed up at another server. 

Easy access from anywhere

When you implement QuickBooks online solutions, the main benefit you stand to enjoy is that you can travel anywhere and still stay connected with your account and billing information. All you need to do is log in from your account and manage all of the functionality over the online QuickBooks platform. What’s more, if you have finance-related people such as accountants working from homes, they can conveniently get connected without any struggles. That also saves the expense of keeping and managing an in-house accounting department. 

If you’re operating a small or medium-sized business enterprise in the initial stages of business, a hosted solution would be the perfect choice for you. The solution is, however, not suitable for large businesses with massive capacity servers set up at their business premises. Generally, these enterprises have a technical team that offers an excellent QB help desk and maintains the servers, which means that the management can be trusted onto their hands. In the case of a small business, that would account for additional costs and effort, which can be saved through hosting. 

QuickBooks Enterprise Suite

Intuit designed QuickBooks specifically for small businesses. This software is growing with improving technology and business models. Today, QuickBooks is available in editions for nearly every type of business model, and at every level of the production scale and that’s where the QB Enterprise suite comes into play. The capacities of the solution are the most robust tool that any Intuit product has. 

To help top up to the particular capabilities of the Enterprise Solutions, Intuit provides industry-specific versions of this high-performance edition. For instance, to coincide with the industry-specific QB Premier editions, Intuit provides QB Enterprise Solutions for Non-Profits, Contractors, Manufacturers, and Retailers. 

For the Contractors Version, users will find tools designed specifically for construction engineers, plumbers, painters, etc. The program helps in building invoices, factor in materials, and even make educated predictions for calculated spending reports. 

In the Non-Profit version, Enterprise can assist in adjusting reports to better suit reporting to board members. Industry-specific tax reports help in keeping Non-Profits running on a budget. They even help in organizing donor information. It’s a robust tool for any Non-Profit venture. Still, ensure you make value judgments between QuickBooks Premier Non-Profit Version and QuickBooks Enterprise Non-Profit Version. You can also call the QuickBooks Help Desk for guidance. 

The Manufacturing and Retail Versions of QB Enterprise Solutions are equally as unique. Custom stock reports, competitive pricing data, and payroll streamlining are simply some of the features that can give the huge business an advantage in the industry. The version of QB software is limitless in terms of capacity. It’s able to deal with the highest volume orders and there’s literary no limit to what Enterprise can calculate. 

Since it’s such a robust tool and suited for large businesses, the QuickBooks Enterprise solutions carry the heaviest price tag in the Intuit product line. However, pricing varies depending on the number of users who are accessing the program, and with the amount of money and time it can save you; QB Enterprise is a pretty affordable solution. You can also speak to the Intuit Help Desk and be able to enjoy any available discount to save you some money.  

QuickBooks Self-Employed


Traditionally, when you think of QuickBooks, you imagine its compatibility with small and growing business requirements. For instance, QuickBooks provides a selection of applications for payroll, invoicing, and customer profiling. QB Online Essentials, which is the second most basic edition of the online version, comes with tools for contacting, organizing, and describing customers and vendors in ways that nearly any small and growing business will benefit from.

To help more specific business models, Intuit also provides versions of QB specifically for Non-Profit, Contractors, and manufacturing companies, as mentioned above. The list of ways in which QB can help these complex business models keeps growing and the needs and specific characteristics of these companies grow as well. 

QB Self-Employed 

So, what about the QB Self-Employed? Does the independent person with a business run by one or some people, without more overhead than a cell phone or computer, still requires QuickBooks? The truth is that even these people still benefit from more organized business plans, particularly around tax time. However, does a self-employed individual requires purchasing such robust software if for instance; they don’t have invoices and vendors to worry about?   

While Intuit QuickBooks’ advanced inventory and vendor organizing capabilities may not be what the majority of Self-Employed individuals need, the advantages that QB offers in maintaining, and categorizing profit and loss are sufficient to need the program alone. QB Online Essentials, for instance, links directly to one’s online banking accounts, so that the program can analyze and update accounting information for the user every 24 hours. After those numbers have been imported, the user can go through and categorize each expense, offering them a better idea of how their losses and profits stack up and reducing the stress when it comes to tax time.  

Comprehensive Budget Plants 

For some extra dollars every month, you can upgrade to the QB online versions that provide comprehensive budget plants to help in keeping you on track and running your business more effectively regardless of what of its size or nature. All these programs, be them software-based or online are provided with a 30-day free trial period and excellent Intuit Help Desk for any QuickBooks Upgrade and other requirements. 

Not every business requires comprehensive payroll and invoicing programs to run smoothly. However, any business be it small or big can benefit from the intuitive and organizational capabilities that QuickBooks can provide. 


There are many more products that you can enjoy from Intuit, including QuickBooks Desktop. Contact the QuickBooks Help Desk for any queries or concerns and they will help you out.