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We expect that you read this document before availing of any services from us (REAL ACCOUNTING SUPPORT SOLUTIONS USA INC. ) or making any payments. By accepting our terms and conditions, or by registering with us, or receiving any services from us, you

  • accept that you are 18 years or older;
  • declare that you have the legal rights and/or authority to represent
  • yourself or the organization on behalf of whom you are accepting the agreement;
  • have read and understood the whole terms and conditions document;
  • acknowledge that we can rely upon the information you provide; and
    agree that by accepting, you are bound by this agreement.

If you do not agree to this agreement, you have all rights to not to accept the terms and conditions mentioned.

Right to Access and Modify Your Computers

You hereby give the company the right to access your computer(s) online or on-site using standard third-party tools/services, so that our representative/agent/technician can check/see problems and accordingly give the solution. You also agree that our technician/representative can install any software/third-party tool that they feel is needed to resolve/fix the problem you are looking to fix. Also, you grant us the right to view, edit or delete any file/folder on your computer, if that is needed to fix your problem.

You also agree that REAL ACCOUNTING SUPPORT SOLUTIONS USA INC. and/or its representatives shall not be liable under any circumstances for any loss, alteration, or corruption of any data, software, files, storage media, or hardware/system.

Service Plans

All the service plans mentioned on this site may be modified or cancelled at any time with no prior notice. REAL ACCOUNTING SUPPORT SOLUTIONS USA INC. reserves the right to cancel service at any time with no prior notice, for any reason. “Charge-backs” or canceling of any fees or service charges paid for are through your credit card.

Submission of Plan Orders

You may order most of the services by calling REAL ACCOUNTING SUPPORT SOLUTIONS USA INC. You will receive an email from us at the email address you provided, and continue with the registration process for our services. We are not responsible for interrupted services in connection with any plan order that it has not accepted.


You agree to pay the fees for the services, as agreed with the REAL ACCOUNTING SUPPORT SOLUTIONS USA INC. representative. Though, upon mutual agreement, the payment can be made in installments or after a certain time period of completion of work. Preferred modes of payment are credit cards (all major cards like VISA, American Express, MasterCard, Discover), debit cards, and e-checks. Payments will reflect in your credit card/bank account statement as “REAL ACCOUNTING SUPPORT SOLUTIONS USA INC.”

How You Can Avail Our Services?

On-site services: In case you are facing issues with your BookKeeping software, our professional support technician will visit your home or business location to help you. Depending on agreement with our representative, you will be charged on a per day, per hour or per visit basis.
Online/over the phone: You can always call 24/7 to get support from us. Our technicians will access your system and resolve issues you are facing. Of course, you can see what the technician/Certified ProAdvisor is doing on your system to give the solution.

Contract Sign Up

After mutual agreement to provide service to you and taking the payment agreed, we will send you a digital contract that you need to fill out. This digital document will work as proof of payment made by you and services provided by us. Once filled up and signed, you will receive a copy of the same.


“Software” stands for a computer program of any kind, whether owned by REAL ACCOUNTING SUPPORT SOLUTIONS USA INC. or by a third party; whether delivered via download, CD, other media, or other delivery methods, including client and/or network security software. Elements of the Software are protected under copyright, trade secret, unfair competition, and other laws. Our technician will take you through the download process of secured and safe software.

Renewal Policy

It will be in your prior knowledge that our services subscription will be renewed at the completion of your subscription cycle unless explicitly stated otherwise. For the payment option, your credit card will be charged at the time of registration through our site. If you would like to opt for the “Auto-Renewal”, please contact us on 1-800-446-8848.

Refund Policy

For the consideration of subscription plans, your full amount will be refunded if we fail to resolve the subscription problem within the first 30 days of subscription to our site. In an incident-based plan, you will be refunded with the entire amount through following premises:

  • If the services which are required by you failed to resolve the issue by the agreed-upon time, then your amount will be refunded to you.
  • The issues are outdated by the date of delivering.


If we failed to provide or satisfy you with our best work performance, you may file a complaint in writing within seven calendar days of the service being performed. We will act in response to your written complaint as soon as we are able to and will try to resolve the issues regarding your complaint. All complaints that are not resolved will be resolved by mandatory, binding arbitration as set forth herein.

Failed Services Attempts

We will act in all reasonable ways to identify the nature of the problem that requires our professional and technical attention and to locate, analyse and correct those errors or problems. Otherwise we are not in a condition to promise, despite our best efforts, that we will be able to successfully resolve the problems you have retained us to check up and repair.

Expiration of Services

We reserve the right to expire any prepaid and unused professional time and services that remain on your account if such has not been used within a year of the original purchase date. We shall have no duty to notify you of our decision to expire the unused professional time or services or any pending expiration.

General Site Rules

The following is prohibited per this agreement:

  • Conducting any activity that is harmful to our site as exclusively determined by us.
  • Posting any information or content that is indecent, defamatory, obscene, hateful, blasphemous or intolerant in nature or in violation of the laws of any jurisdiction.
  • Uploading any material that is harmful to our users’ computers or objectionable/abhorrent to our community as a whole.
  • Evasively and dishonestly representing yourself as another person or as a representative of a business or entity that you do not in reality represent.

Privacy Policy

At REAL ACCOUNTING SUPPORT SOLUTIONS USA INC. , we respect the trust you have in us and it is our responsibility to protect your privacy.

  • We record your phone, email ID, and name in our database for future reference and support purposes only.
  • Your Information is safe with us and not used for any marketing purpose or given to any third party.
  • You can always request that your information is removed or updated by request to

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