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We at Real Accounting Support, Services & Solutions make sure we deliver the acounting solutions for their problem of our clients through our technicians and accountants which are trained and certified. We can help you save your money, time and increase your business growth. Its help you to manage record your vendors and buyers in it.


Real Accounting services will help you in fixing your accounting problems efficiently and effectively. We assist all the stages of the accounting processes and all accounting services.

Tax Services

Real Accounting experienced and certified tax consultants are full aware of all state tax laws and we offered you free tax advice to help you in tax filing, tax planning, tax levies and others.

Real Accounting Consulting

Real Accounting perform through research and analysis of your business before providing payroll consulting services to you so that focus on your business interests.


Bookkeeping is the recording of financial transactions, You can reduce the stress of your business process by taking help from our experienced and skilled bookkeepers to execute your bookkeeping tasks to undertake expeditious business decisions.

Payroll Data Conversion

Our Real Accounting quality data conversion services are backed up by experienced and certified experts payroll advisors that offer experienced, effective and secure data conversion solutions.

Accounting Integration

Our Real Accounting proficient integration services provide simplified back office operation, sales order, and customer delivery so that you can meet critical business needs.

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Important of Understanding Accounting Support for any Business

When it comes to accounting Support, there is a need for businesses and individuals to invest in software that can enhance their accounting experience. As such, they can accurately and safely keep records of accounting information. Many organizations can greatly benefit when they invest in the accounting software as they will get accounting support that can enable them to solve various accounting errors that often arise during accounting. 

What is accounting payroll?

Accounting payroll is all about recording payroll transactions in the business books for feature reference and accountability. Business owners use payroll journal entries or recording payroll expenses in the books. The main reason why using accounting payroll software can be beneficial is because of the tedious work involved in filling the entries in the accounting books. 

When dealing with financial records, there is a great deal for accuracy because one mistake can thwart the growth of your business. Payroll journal entries are part of the payroll account and as a business owner, you may not have all the time to carry out all those tasks. When dealing with accounting payroll, you’ll need to include the following expenses. 

  •  Employee expenses. Bonuses, wages, salaries, commissions, paid time off as well as taxable income recorded on the Form W2Employer taxes: federal & state unemployment taxes, Medicare and social security taxes matching your employer should also be recorded under the employer taxes when making your accounting payroll.
  • Payroll taxes: social security, federal income, Medicare, applicable state/ local income taxes that are withheld from employee wages falls under this category. 
  • Employee deduction benefits: retirement plan, health insurance, and other deductions such as spousal support, child support, and outstanding tax liabilities. 
  • Employer portions of fringe benefits: life insurance, Health insurance, and education assistance

Is Enterprise accounting Important for any business?

Before checking on the importance of enterprise accounting, let’s first look at what it is and how it can affect your business. Meaning accounting information has never been busy with traditional accounting options. But with the invention of enterprise accounting software, accounting has been easy and many enterprises are widely exploiting the benefits of this software. Firstly, enterprise accounting software enables larger enterprises to customize tabs dealing with financial transactions as well as data. 

With enterprise accounting software, you can do more than just basic accounting. With this software, you’ll find modules that can help you in payroll and billing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and general ledger. Initially, this software had been installed on the local computer but there is a current cloud-based solution such as Intuit QuickBooks Accounting USA/Canada. So, if you are hoping to use Enterprise accounting software for your specific business needs, then find out from the many options available. 

On the other hand, this Accounting enterprise software has specific roles that they are designed for. The core duties include billing & accounting invoice, payroll, fixed assets, inventory management as well as budgeting & forecasting. 

Furthermore, enterprise accounting software is beneficial in that it allows cross-departmental collaboration, streamlined process, visibility, automation. Therefore, it goes by saying that enterprise accounting software addresses the top three CFOs concern which includes talents developments in the finance organization, measuring/monitoring business performance, and provision of inputs in enterprise strategy. 

What to consider when choosing enterprise accounting software

Security: when you choose to use cloud-based enterprise accounting solutions, then you should focus on safety and security. Under this section, encryption, user-specific permission, and backups are essential. 

Ease of use: choosing software that’s easy to use can be more fun and it will save you from frustrations. As such, you should prepare your employees before switching to a new platform so that may not end up making any accounting error. 

Customization: every organization has its own unique needs. Not all account software will work for all of them. Therefore, you need accounting software that you can customize. Before deciding on the best accounting software, check if it has wiggle room that you can use for customizing your firm accounting needs. 

Mobile Access: Cloud-based accounting software will give access to all devices including phones, tablets, and PC, if your employees are traveling or they are held up somewhere and can’t make it to the office, they should be able to access the information from their phones tirelessly.

Integrated module: Suppose the software allows integration, then your business will be able to function smoothly without loose ends. So, always ensure the software you choose is unified for the best performance of your business.  

What is the common Accounting Error?

Accounting error simply refers to an error in accounting that wasn’t intended. The errors can be fixed when spotted but if not spotted, then an investigation into the matter is often carried out. Accounting errors and frauds are different in that fraud is normally intended and the perpetrator hides the information intentionally to benefit the firm. Errors of accounting principles and clerical mistakes are often common mistakes. Other errors are listed below.

Errors of original entry

This error occurs when posting the wrong amount to the account results in this kind of error. As you keep on with your calculation, this figure will reflect on other accounts that are related to the very transaction. By the end of it all, the accounts will be in balance, however, they will be having wrong entries. As such, it’s important to investigate the error and correct it in the early stage. 

Error of Omission 

When a transaction occurs and it’s not recorded in the accounting books, it will result in an error or omission. This kind of accounting error often occurs when there are several accounting invoices from vendors to be recorded and in the process, one of them gets lost before the entries are made into the books of account. 

Error of Duplication

This is an accounting error that results from making duplicate entries for the same transaction. For instance, if a sale of a product has been made and the accountant records it twice, it will cause an error of duplication 

Compensating error

When you discover an error in your accounting record, you can compensate for it by offsetting entry to balance the account. In a simple term, a wrong entry can be balanced by the same wrong entry to ensure balance. 

Error of reversal

The error takes place when posting an entry in the wrong direction results in an error of reversal. For instance, recording a debit as a credit or other way round could still result in the same error of reversal. In either way, this type of accounting error can tamper with the accounting records. 

Error of principle

This kind of error occurs when an accountant applies the accounting principle in error. In real accounting, operating expenses include day-to-day expenses and not fixed asset purchases. Asset purchase falls under the balance sheet although operating expenses are under the income statement. 

Error of commission

This type of accounting error occurs whenever a bookkeeper records credit or debit on the correct account but wrong ledger or subsidiary account. For instance, when an accountant receives money from a customer, records it to the correct account receivable account, however, it’s credited to the wrong customer. 

What is real accounting?

Real accounting gives a clear picture of the ongoing and current financial status of any organization. This is because they often carry forward their balance to the preceding accounting period. This kind of account normally shows on the balance sheet at the end of the financial year as liabilities, equity, or assets. So, when you look at the difference between nominal and real accounts, you’ll realize that by the end, an increase or a decrease on the other leads to a change in the other. For instance, a decrease or increase in the nominal account will lead to a decrease or increase in the real account. 

What is Accounting Help Desk?

A business can only thrive when it has customers. However, without customers, there will be no one to buy your service or product. So, this is where the Accounting Help Desk becomes crucial. There are times when your customers have inquiries, so, to serve them well, you can choose to invest in Help Desk software that will see to it that all their enquires are responded to. Furthermore, your staff may have a problem working with the new accounting software you’ve introduced, so opting for accounting solutions with Accounting Support will ensure all the tasks within your organization runs smoothly without delays. 


Accounting is a key aspect of any organization as, without proper payment records; the business may have a problem tracking their records. The only way to ensure the business works well without hiccups; one can invest in Accounting USA/Canada solutions. Furthermore, all your employees should have a clear understanding of how the Accounting enterprise software works to enhance their performance. 

Whether they’ll be dealing with accounting payroll or accounting software, your firm still requires the Accounting Help Desk. Finally, every firm needs to invest in accounting software to minimize many accounting errors that often result in human boredom or tiredness. These software are the ideal answers to many accounting problems and they can easily help with Accounting Repair.

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