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QuickBooks® Support: Availing QuickBooks Support

QuickBooks is developed and market by Intuit Company. The software includes lots of features that are aimed at simplifying accounting tasks, help in expense and sales tracking, payroll issues, and paying checks among other aspects in small and medium-sized businesses. 

QuickBooks is available in many different versions to suit every nature of business. Over the past few decades, the software has gained a central place in business all over the world. Like any other software, issues may happen and a business finds itself facing the risk of losing critical data. 

Fortunately, Intuit is dedicated to offering unlimited support to all QuickBooks users. Whether your business wants help with QuickBooks Data Recovery or needs assistance for anything related to QuickBooks, Intuit QuickBooks support is always available 24/7 for all. 

QuickBooks® Setup Support

There are many ways in which Intuit can help you if you’re having issues with the QuickBooks setup. The company has a powerful team constituting of high-trained, qualified, and certified professionals who have many years of experience in ERP and accounting systems. 

So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re new to QuickBooks or to file upgrading. The team is always available and can customize for an implementation program specifically tailored for your company or business.  

Intuit’s QuickBooks setup and implementation service are far more extensive than the basic QB support you usually get for free. As mentioned, the team has several years of experience in the industry when it comes to implementing and utilizing Quickbooks with numerous business-type industries, scenarios, and end-user roles.  

Software Selection

The dedicated QuickBooks support will first take time to determine which edition of QuickBooks (QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Enterprise, etc.) best suits your business needs. They will also determine the number of licenses you need to support your employees, the third-party applications required, and whether any custom integration or programming is needed. From there, you’re going to get the “Intuit Premier Reseller Discount”, which mostly gives you an unlimited discount on every one of your licenses. 

System Design

For you to enjoy the best out of QuickBooks, your system must be designed and installed properly right from the start. The QuickBooks setup support team will conduct a comprehensive needs analysis and generate a thorough system design to satisfy both your short and long-term goals. 

Intuit is committed to optimizing your system so that it generates the KPIs, Management Reports, and Financial Reports you require in making strategic and well-informed business decisions. 

File Installation & Internal Controls

During the setup of your company file, QuickBooks Support will configure QB in either a cloud-based environment or secure, local network and help you in setting up the user access. The support team will also set up your company’s file depending on the implementation program they design for you. 

That includes setting up of Lists, Chart of Accounts, Templates, Payroll, Forms, Taxes, Memorize Reports, Inventory, Fixed Assets, etc. And the best part, if you’ll be importing your data from the previous accounting software, the team will help you in cleaning the data and ensuring that it come over cleanly. 

Third-party & Custom Apps

In case during the stage of planning the support team realizes that you’ll require a third party or custom app, it will implement that after they get your base QB file setup. If you’ve implemented QuickBooks Enterprise that could be as simple as turning on and installing Intuit’s Reporting Add-on or Advanced Inventory. Additionally, the team can deal with more complicated situations that need a custom-designed app or built-in with external systems. 

Automation and Reporting

Once the QuickBooks setup support team has got your file and any appropriate applications and integrations set up, it will take a step further and automate many different data-entry tasks as well as generate reports. The team can also teach you how to create reports, set up automation, or create any custom report that you may require to ensure you’re getting the most out of the QB data.  

Training and Transfer of Knowledge

Intuit QuickBooks support doesn’t leave you on your own. It makes sure that your staff will feel confident while utilizing your brand-new system. The QB support understands that every individual and business is different. For that, they provide customizable QB training based on the unique needs, aims, and specific QB system environment. All the training can be conducted through a secure online-based platform, which means that scheduling meeting isn’t just more convenient but also cost-effective. And, if you opt for on-site training, then the team will provide that option too. 

Quickbooks® Data Recovery Services

Secure QuickBooks Data Recovery services provide the highest success rates and turnaround times for QB database recovery. Intuit’s team can resolve RAID failures, corruption of .QBW file, and damage of hard drive, among other scenarios of data loss. Intuit maintains the best, world-class security for the 100% satisfaction of its customers. 

Indeed, QuickBooks is the most utilized accounting application suite. Each year, hundreds of thousands throughout the world, including the US and Canada use the software in setting up complex accounting databases. QuickBooks enables simple auditing, easy budgeting, and convenient processing of payments when utilized properly. 

This software makes use of several different file extensions in its operation. Some of these file extensions include the data files listed below:

  • ND – Network Data File
  • AIF – Data File creating when importing operations
  • QBW – The primary QuickBooks Data File
  • QBB – QuickBooks Backup File
  • QBM – A mobile edition of the QBW data file

Hard drive problems, file corruption, and user error can make QB files unreadable. And when that happens, you ought to immediately get in touch with QuickBooks Data Recovery professionals who have extensive experience in QuickBooks. 

You can contact QuickBooks Support USA if you’re in any state and territory of the United States or QuickBooks Support Canada if you’re in Canada. At the QB data recovery center, the team recovers terabytes of QB data every year.

Most QuickBooks USA and QuickBooks Canada clients usually prioritize QB files over any one of their data because of the huge costs of reconstructing complex accounting databases. Intuit understands the significance of fast and reliable data recovery support and, therefore, often takes the right steps to offer the fastest possible support for all its customers.  

Intuit QuickBooks Support through the “Data Recovery Services” department focuses more on QuickBooks data recovery and file repair. Its laboratories provide the best recovery success rates for QB databases because of their proprietary program designed in its laboratories specifically for unreadable or corrupted.QBWs and other types of QB files. So, don’t hesitate to contact QB Support if you’re facing any issues. 

QuickBooks® Data Recovery Reliability

QB files are virtually available on every system type, including flash drives, standalone PCs, and massive RAID servers. While the QB application requires Windows OS, a lot of companies utilize Linux database servers that run distributions such as CentOS 5, Mandriva, and OpenSUSE. 

To get your lost data back quickly, you ought to only choose QuickBooks data recovery experts who know the challenges of the various storage devices and system failure scenarios. QuickBooks Support offers the following services on data recovery:

  • Multi-service options, including 24/7 Emergency QB Repair
  • Advanced RAID Data Recovery and Repair Services
  • No Recovery, No-Charge Guarantee
  • Risk-free Diagnostics for QB Data Recovery
  • Outstanding Security with the latest technology

The QB Data recovery support team has many years of combined experience with all the QuickBooks versions and can quickly and conveniently recover data from PCs and servers. It doesn’t matter the reason for your data loss – whether because of user error, .ND file or .QBW corruption, hardware failure, or other unexpected events, the team can lessen your productivity loss and return the accounting system for your business on track. 

What You Should Do On Encountering a QuickBooks® File Failure

1. Shut down your Computer

If you see signs of data corruption or media damage, the first step should be to immediately shut down your computer or disconnect all the affected devices. QuickBooks will usually generate a “data file is either missing or corrupted” error no matter the damage source. If you continue to operate your computer, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll cause corruption that can significantly reduce your probability of a successful QuickBooks data recovery.

2. Contact QuickBooks® Support 

Next, get in touch with QuickBooks support. Keep in mind that the QuickBooks helpline is open 24/7. When you contact the support, the service team will schedule an in-office diagnostic immediately. Whether you need several or single terabytes of critical data, the team is always ready to dispense its help. 

Whether you want support for QuickBooks USA or QuickBooks Canada, Intuit QuickBooks Support is exceptional when it comes to QB data recovery and repair of damaged or corrupted files. 

The QuickBooks contact number both in the US and Canada is active 24/7 for you to call and report any error or make any query. Also, the customer support number is free-of-charge to call (toll-free), which is intended by Intuit’s teams. Whenever you call QB Support, you always receive a prompt response and all your issues will be resolved as soon as possible.