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Quicken/QuickBooks®  Setup/Installation and Upgrade

Quicken software can be considered as the king of personal finance. This software has been in existence for decades and since its establishment, the software has been one of the popular personal finance apps. 

When thinking about what personal finance application is best for the needs of your business, it’s good to carefully explore your options. At that point, don’t forget to take Quicken into consideration as you evaluate the right personal finance software is right for you. 

Quicken remains one of the best applications for money management on the market today. Updating your Quicken version (for Mac or for Windows) to the latest version is important to ensure efficient performance. 

It’s easy for many people to confuse Quicken and QuickBooks. These two financial management apps were ones owned by Intuit. However, in 2016, Intuit sold Quicken. That means that Quicken is no longer part of Intuit.

For that reason, you can’t access Intuit Quicken Support anymore. If you require support for the Quicken version you’re currently using or in need of upgrading to Quicken 2020, you can contact Quicken support via either:

  • Chat support, which is accessible 24/7 or
  • Phone support, 888-311-7276, available from Monday to Friday, 5 am to 5 pm Pacific time

If you’re new to QuickBooks and considering switching to this popular software, then this post is for you. If you’re already a user of QuickBooks, you’re still welcome to read the post as there’s a share for you. 

You’ll need help with QuickBooks PC Setup. Here’s, we’ll be talking about QuickBooks Desktop installation and the new features of the newly released version – QuickBooks 2020. So, continue reading. 

QuickBooks®  Desktop Installation – How to Install QuickBooks®  Desktop

The first thing should be to download the latest QuickBooks Desktop version from Intuit’s website. The process is simple and will take only a few minutes. 

Once the installation process is complete, follow the steps mentioned below to successfully install it on your system. The steps will be helpful to you whether you’re doing QuickBooks PC Setup or installation for the first time or at least for a second time. 

Step One: Preparing for the Installation

  • Ensure that your PC satisfies all the system requirements. 
  • If you’ve not already, downloaded QuickBooks 2020 or the QuickBooks Desktop version you want and save that file on the Windows desktop for easy access. 
  • Keep the product and license number at hand

Step Two: Install QuickBooks® PC

  • Open the file “QuickBooks.exe” that you downloaded
  • Follow the on-screen guidance. Accept the license agreement of the software and then click “Next
  • Enter the Product and License numbers and click “Next

Step Three: Decide which Type of Install is Suitable for You

There are two installation options for Intuit QuickBooks 2020, namely: Express and Network & Custom.

Express QuickBooks® PC Setup

Express install is highly recommended if you’re:

  • Reinstalling QuickBooks
  • A first-time user
  • Going to utilize QuickBooks on just one computer and not as a part of computer networks

1. Choose “Express” and then “Next

2. Choose “Install

3. When the process finishes, choose “Open QuickBooks” and get started

Custom & Network QuickBooks® PC Setup

This type of Intuit QuickBooks 2020 installation is recommended if you’ll be:

  • Hosting your Company File(s) on a server
  • Installing QuickBooks somewhere besides the default location
  • Setting up a multiple-user network

1. Choose “Custom and Network Options” and click “Next

2. Choose the option describing how you’ll utilize QuickBooks

3. Go to the next screen and choose “Change the install location

4. Choose “Browse” and decide where to store your QuickBooks 2020 folder. You may store it in your Programs folder

Choose “Next” to initiate the installation process

5. When the process finishes, choose “Open QuickBooks” to get started. 

Step Four: Activating QuickBooks® PC

Once the installation is complete, QuickBooks is going to require that you activate and update it. The steps of activation are easy to follow and execute. You can find them on the Intuit Website. 

Update QuickBooks® 2020 – What You Should Know

Intuit releases a new version of QuickBooks Desktop every year and this year’s edition is already out – QuickBooks 2020. The QuickBooks Desktop 2019 (previous version) came with features such as the Go to Pay Bills button, Invoice Tracker, and enhanced IIF Import features, among others. 

Similarly, the QuickBooks Desktop 2020 has some important features that are aimed at improving the customers’ experience. For instance, the payroll process is improved together with searching for Company File, improved Payment Reminders, etc. Below, we are going to have a look at some of the major QuickBooks Updates 2020: 

New Features for QB Desktop 2020 – Enterprise, Accountant, Premier, and Pro

Send Batch Invoices

This is a new QB Update 2020. With the feature, you can send a client multiple invoices in a single email. The feature comes in handy to users since it reduces the number of emails sent to their customers because they don’t need to send each invoice on a separate email 

Nevertheless, users should note that you can only send the invoices regarding one job. Therefore, if you wished to send invoices for more than one job, you would need to send in different emails. 

To use the feature, select the “File” option in the menu. From the “File” go to “Send” and then choose “Forms” and finally click on the “Combine forms to a recipient in one email” option. 

The PO Field

Intuit has introduced the in Emails to enable better tracking of customer details. QuickBooks 2020 users can now add Purchase Order of the clients in the subject line by changing the email templates for the customer invoices.

To do that, you’ll need to go to the menu bar and choose “Edit” > “Preferences” > “Send Forms” > “Company Preferences”. After selecting the template, choose “Edit” and move to “Insert Field” > “Customer-PO-No

Automatic Payment Reminder

Another feature in the list of QuickBooks updates 2020 is the automatic payment reminder. This feature eases the payment process by automatically setting and sending a payment reminder to customers. 

To use this feature, you’ll need to first come up with a mailing list and add a customer to it in the “manage Mailing List” option within the “Customers” drop-down menu. 

After you have added the customers to your mailing list, you can then set the payment reminders from the “Schedule Payment Reminders” option. What’s more, you can draft a reminder email template that you can have sent at a later date. 

The other step is sending reminders from the “Review & Send Payment Reminders”. After the reminder passes the set data, they begin showing in the option. 

Easy Searching of Company Files

The “No Company Open” window has a “Find a Company File” button that enables you to search and find any company file with ease. Your company file could be stored on your system’s local storage, network drives, or removable devices. 

Expand or Collapse Columns

In Inuit QuickBooks 2020, you can collapse or expand columns, a feature that wasn’t included in any one of the previous versions. 

After you open the “Customer: Job or Class” reports, at the top of the page, you’ll find the “Collapse Columns” option. The option provides a compact view of the long-detailed report that was available in the previous editions. 

Direct Deposit Payroll Status

QuickBooks Desktop 2020 also has a new payroll status function where the employers can now view the standings of the payroll of the staff that is paid via direct deposit. You can easily see the payroll status by choosing the “Employees” option in the menu bar. 

Navigate to “Employees” then click “View Payroll Run Status

New Features for QB PC Enterprise Platinum 2020

Vendor Center

QB Enterprise Platinum 202 features a centralized portal known as the “Vendor Center” that allows easy access to information concerning vendors. Now, a new “Items” table has been included in the “Vendor Center” having all the items related to a particular vendor. 

What’s more, creating purchase orders is more efficient thanks to all the vendor information that’s updated automatically. You can simply set your preferred and alternate vendors to smoothen the process of your purchase. 

Calculation of Landed Cost

With this new feature, you can conveniently calculate the costs of items. All the products related to shipping, freight, insurance, and more can be added to the calculation of the actual cost of the inventory items.  

Express Pick-Pack

Get every function related to picking and packing by clicking the “Send for exp pick-pack” option. In the previous versions of QB Enterprise, the pick, pack, and shipping tasks were dealt with separately. However, in the new 2020 version, the unified platform for the same is introduced. 


Besides the features mentioned above, there are many more enhancements in the new QuickBooks 2020 versions, including Smart Help, Easy Payroll Setup with Employee Self-setup, and Easy QB Version Upgrade

If you’re starting on QuickBooks and you need assistance on QuickBooks PC setup, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will provide the help that you require. And if you’re already a user of QuickBooks, upgrading to the latest version will help you deal with common issues and improve your productivity.