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QuickBooks Error H202 & QuickBooks Error 6000: What They Are and How to Fix Them

QuickBooks is a popular application and one of the best accounting software. The app is well-known for its wonderful capabilities of managing transactions, payroll management, bookkeeping, and maintaining records, among other different accounting activities.

This accounting tool has changed the way of carrying out accounting activities significantly. However, we can admit to the fact that the software is also prone to many different errors. Some of these errors include the QuickBooks Error H2020 and QuickBooks error 6000. In this article, we’ll be discussing these errors, including what causes and how to resolve them.  

QuickBooks Error H2020

As a QuickBooks user, whether a beginner or pro, it’s important to know what QuickBooks Error H2020 is, why it happens, and how to resolve it in case it does occur. QB Error H202 shows up on the screen of your desktop when you’re trying to open your Company File in a multiple-user mode. When the error happens, it prevents QuickBooks from performing the given job.  

If you want to know the causes of the error H202 and how to solve it, ensure you read and understand the easy-to-follow procedure provided below. The following troubleshooting steps are simple and will help you to resolve the error right away and provide you with the best results. Nevertheless, if you need a team of certified professionals or experts to help you with the fixing of the issue, then you can contact QuickBooks Error Support and the team will respond to you with the assistance you need. 

What are the Possible Causes of QB Error H2020?

There are many possible causes of Error H2020. We’ve highlighted some of these issues below for you:

  • One of the causes of this error is if the settings of the hosting configuration are incorrect. 
  • Another case where the QuickBooks error H202 can occur is when the QuickBooks file settings block access to your Company File. That’s to say that it can block both incoming and outgoing communication. 
  • If the DNS settings are incomplete or improper
  • The error can happen if there’s any damage or in case of an incorrect.ND files settings that allow denies access which the database file via QuickBooks
  • The error can also happen when the Company File isn’t communicating smoothly to the server. 
  • The QB Error H2020 is also likely to occur when the security software or firewall is blocking any communication to your Company File.
  • The QB service such as QuickBooksDBXX/QBCF isn’t initiated.
  • When a user tries to work with a Company File & it’s situated with a multiple-user mode. That replicates the QB that’s unable to communicate with the server on the system. 
  • The error can also occur if the QB software is experiencing problems searching the main host system’s IP address or by utilizing some other PT addresses.  

Solutions for QuickBooks Error H2020

It’s easy to resolve the QB Error H202. If you’re facing this error, just follow the following methods for a quick fix to the error.

Method One: Download and Install QB File Doctor

The first thing you should do when faced with this inconveniencing error is to download the QB file doctor and install it on your server. That will help to clear the H202 error in a multiple-user mode automatically. However, if the error persists after the downloading and running of the QuickBooks File Doctor tool, you should not give up; try the next method. 

Method Two: Verify your QuickBooks Hosting

  • First of all, open QB on the hosting computer and then choose “File” and click on the “Utilities” option. 
  • From there, view the list of “Host Multi-user Access”. If you can’t see it, then the computer isn’t hosting the file. So, move on to the next computer. You must ensure that you don’t change any detail on your workstation. 
  • If you happen to see “Stop Hosting Multi-user Access”, choose the option.
  • Make sure that the Company File is closed, and then click on the “Yes” option.

Method Three: Verify the QB Services

1. First, make sure that “QuickBooksDBXX & QBCFMonitor” services and then begin this.

  • The press he keys “Windows + R” to run open the “Run” window
  • In the running dialog box, type “MSC” and then hit the “Enter” key

2. While on the service Window, scroll down to see QuickBooksDBXX service

3. If you don’t see QuickBooksDBXX service, then:

  • Using the Database Server Manager, confirm it and get it installed on the server
  • Run the full program as a server. Open the QB and choose and then verify that the hosting is active or not.

4. Double-click on the “QuickBooksDBXX” service. From there, confirm the type of Startup and also the service status starts.

5. Now choose the “Recovery” option

6. Open the menu of your system and restart it. That will automatically restart the “QuickBooksDBXX” service in case the case fails. Repeat the same if it fails again.

7. Now click on the “Apply” option to save all the changes

8. Replay the above steps for the “QBCFMonitor” service

9. Restart your QuickBooks software in the multiple-user environment on all of your workstations. If the error is still there, proceed to Method Four.  

Method Four: Ping the Server From one of your Workstations

If the issue isn’t yet resolved after applying the above steps, then it’s likely that there’s a firewall problem, especially if you see the QB Error H202 on at least of your workstations. So, to resolve this issue, you need to Ping the serve from each workstation where there’s an error. This is how to do it:

  • On the server system and workstations, open the “Windows Start Menu
  • Type Network inside the search and then open “Network and sharing center
  • Next, select “Change advanced sharing” settings
  • Make sure that you’ve chosen “Turn on network discovery

From there, get the server name from the server. To do that, do the following:

  • Open your server computer’s “Windows Start menu
  • Type “Run” inside the search box and then click to open the “Run” box.
  • After you do that, type “CMD” inside the “Run” window and hit the “Enter” button
  • Next, type “ipconfig/all” inside the command window and then press the “Enter” key
  • Then, search the “Hostname” inside the “Windows IP Configuration” section. You’ll find the server’s name in the right section.
  • Now, note down the name of the host and copy it to a Word file for quick access.

Method Five: Download & Install QB Tools Hub and then Run QB Database Server Manager

  • The first thing to do here is to download and install the QB Tools Hub
  • Next, press the “Ctrl + J” keys to go to the download list of the browser
  • Click on the “QuickBooksToolHub.exe
  • Follow the on-screen prompts for the installation to take place
  • Next, you should open the tool by double-clicking the icon on the desktop after the installation has been completed.
  • After the QB hub, you should run the QB database server manager
  • Double-click the QB Tool Hub icon
  • Choose the network problems tab and then click on the “QuickBooks database server manager
  • If the QB database server manager displays the correct location of the Company File, you should click on the “Start Scan” option or on the browse to choose “Company File Folder” and finally hit the “Start scan” button.
  • Next, the QB database server manager is going to repair the firewall and offer all the efficient permissions needed to access all systems
  • Click close following the success of the repair process
  • Open the QB desktop on your system on which the QB Error H202 was experienced.
  • Click on the “File” and then “Switch to multi-user mode”.

Hopefully, one of the above methods has helped you to resolve the QuickBooks Error H202. But if the error persists, then connect with Intuit’s QB Error Support through phone for professional assistance. The support is always ready and happy to help you with your accounting issues.

QuickBooks Error 6000

Due to so many platforms available nowadays, the installation of QuickBooks might be interrupted because of one or more issues. QuickBooks assists in resolving any error by displaying the error code. That’s very useful since QuickBooks groups every possible problem with a code. The code is a sign of the symptoms and reasons as well as the effects of the error.

Besides QuickBooks Error H202, the QuickBooks Error 6000 has happened in QuickBooks and comes as a result of incomplete or issues regarding the installation of the program. 

What is QB Error 6000?

QB Error 6000 is an error in QuickBooks that could happen when you’re trying to open your Company File. In QuickBooks, many different errors may happen all about the 6000 series. Some of these errors are 6000 83, 6000 77, 6000 80, 6000 832, and 6000 301. The errors could be caused by the following:

  • If your firewall or security software is blocking the connection
  • If your .TLF file is damaged or corrupted
  • When the QB installation file is corrupted
  • If the network connection is configured incorrectly
  • When there multiple users who are already logged into the same Company File
  • The error could also happen when you’re trying to restore a previous File backup.
  • If your Company File is damaged 

How to Fix QB Error 6000

There are many different solutions for resolving QuickBooks Error 6000. We have explained four of them below. If you’re facing this error, try one of the following solutions:

Solution One: Restore a Backup

It’s possible to restore a backup of your Company file to ensure that it works properly as new. To accomplish that, follow these steps:

Step one: Open your Company File

Step two: Click on the “File” and choose the “Utilities

Step three: If the “Sop Hosting Multi-user access” appears on the list, then click on it.

Step four: Edit the Company Filename to ensure it’s not more than 210 characters long. Try to incorporate a name that just displays the useful details.

Solution two: Configure your Anti-virus and Firewall software

  • Open your QB Database manager
  • Find your port monitor tab and identify the QB version
  • Ensure you copy and paste the Firewall port number
  • Open the Windows Firewall
  • Click on “Advanced Settings
  • Right-click on the “Inbounds” option and choose the “New Rule” option
  • Click on “Port” and then “Next”. Open the QuickBooks to see if the error is resolved. If it’s not, proceed to Solution three.  

Solution Three: Try opening your Company File into Another Location

To do that and resolve the QuickBooks invoice error by copying your file into Desktop or any other location where you can easily access it other than the initial one. You can also move the file to the network or local drive. That would surely assist you to know the status of QB Error 600

  • Solution Four: Rename the .TLG and .ND Files
  • Step one: Open your Company File’s location
  • Find the File you’re attempting to fix
  • Find the files with the .TLG and .ND extensions
  • Right-click then and then change these extensions
  • Ensure that the file extensions contain the word .OLD at the tail
  • Reopen QB and log in. That should have resolved the error.


Any QuickBooks File Error can be a huge disappointment to you. When you encounter any type of error in QuickBooks, the above solutions will help to fix the QuickBooks error. As mentioned, the QuickBooks Error 6000 happens due to issues about installation. So, if you’re upgrading your current version of QB to the latest version and you encounter problems during the setup process, connect with QuickBooks installation support to get professional help.  

The QB error support is always ready to help you out of any issues you might be facing 24/7. Getting accounting error support from a team of certified technical experts is important because you can get your issues resolved immediately. So, any issues you might be experiencing from QB invoice error to QB File Error, Intuit’s QuickBooks Error support has got you covered.