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How to Fix QuickBooks Payroll Error 2107

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How to Fix QuickBooks Payroll Error 2107

QuickBooks is a great accounting software tool it’s still prone to some technical errors. One of the popular QuickBooks errors is QuickBooks Payroll Error 2107. The error happens when you’re unable to transfer your employees’ salary via direct deposit. This error can also take place when you’re downloading payroll o

n your system. 

What are the Signs of QuickBooks Payroll Error 2107?

There are many types of errors in QuickBooks. It’s important to know the signs of the QB Error 2107 so that you can when your system has experienced it:

  • Your PC or QB Accounting software may start freezing
  • While accessing the program, your computer system crashes
  • During the crash, you’ll see an QuickBooks error code 2107 in the active Windows
  • The Window of your system slags

You shouldn’t ignore any of these symptoms or get frustrated. Know the cause of the error and how to resolve it.

What Causes QuickBooks Payroll Error 2107?

QuickBooks Payroll Error 2107
  • Accidentally removing QuickBooks records
  • Users downloading a corrupted file of QuickBooks
  • Improper installation of the QB payroll
  • Wrong installation of QB programming on your PC
  • If your QB related files were deleted
  • Malware or virus attack on Windows files or QuickBooks documents

How to Fix QuickBooks Payroll Error 2107

Solution one: Find the System File Checker

  • First, click on the Windows Start menu
  • Press Windows + R keys on your keyboard to open the run search box
  • Press Ctrl + Shift on your keyboard until a permission dialog box shows up on your screen
  • Choose the “Yes” option
  • Press the Enter key on your keyboard
  • After that, a black color blinking cursor box will appear on your screen
  • Type “sfc/Scannow” in the block box and hit Enter
  • The System File Checker will start to scan for QuickBooks errors automatically
  • Follow the on-screen instructions provided

Solution Two: Undo the latest changes on your system

  • Click the Windows Start button
  • Press Windows + R keys to open the Run Search Box
  • Type “System Restore” and then hit Enter
  • Select the “System Restore” option
  • Enter the admin password and then press enter
  • Follow the on-screen instructions
  • At the end of the steps, restart your computer

Solution Three: Repair the Windows Registry

  • First, click on the Windows Start icon
  • In the Search box, search the command
  • After that press Ctrl + Shift keys together
  • You’ll see a permission dialog box appear on your screen
  • Choose the “Yes” option
  • A black color blinking cursor box will show up on your screen
  • Type “Regedit” and then hit Enter on your keyboard
  • Navigate to the registry editor
  • Select error 2107 and then choose an export option in the File menu
  • Save the QuickBooks backup key and change the name to “QuickBooks Backup
  • Save the file with the “.reg file” domain name

Solution Four: Verify the Windows Update

  • First, click the Windows Start button
  • Type “update” in the search box and hit the Enter key on your keyboard
  • The Windows Update dialog box will appear on your screen
  • Check if there are any new updates and update your system

Help Support for Troubleshooting QuickBooks Payroll Error 2107 

We understand how payroll services are important for your business and you must, therefore, be able to work smoothly with QuickBooks payroll software. For that reason, we are here to help you when you face a error that you’re unable to resolve on your own.

We have dedicated, qualified and experienced professionals constituting our QuickBooks Payroll team. Anytime you call us, one of our professionals will be ready to listen and offer you the customized help support that you need.

You can get in touch with our team via our instant chat support or call our toll-free QuickBooks Payroll to help number anytime you face a troubling hitch. Don’t hesitate to connect with us to get your problems resolved on time.


How do I fix payroll mistakes?

1. To fix Payroll mistakes:
2. Cancel payroll immediately. Make updates and reprocess them.
3. Run an extra manual payroll with the right adjustments for only the affected employees
4. Adjust the next payroll to resolve the previous mistakes and bring things back to normal

What are some of the possible causes of payroll run errors?

There could be many causes of Payroll run errors. Some of them include:
1. Missing deadlines
2. When you neglect to send 1099
3. Misclassifying workers
4. Improper record-keeping and data entry
5. Miscalculating overtime pay
6. When you leave too many responsibilities to the software program
7. Improper handling garnishments, child support, or levies

How do I pay an employee with direct deposit in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll?

1. Choose the Payroll information tab
2. Click on the “Direct Deposit” button
3. In the “Direct Deposit” Window, choose “Use Direct Deposit” for [Employee’s name]
4. Choose whether to deposit the paycheck into one or multiple accounts

How do I correct a direct deposit in QuickBooks?

1. Choose “Employees” and then “My Payroll Services
2. Select “Accounts/Billing Information
3. Sign in with your “Intuit Account” login
4. Navigate to the “Payroll Info” section
5. Under “Direct Deposit Bank Account” and then choose “Edit


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